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The Mission of the Wayland Historical Society

  • To collect, study and conserve artifacts and records relating to the rich history of Wayland and its people.
  • To preserve and maintain the 1740 Grout-Heard House as the home of the Wayland Historical Society.
  • To provide support and/or collaborate with other organizations and individuals on programs and activities which are relevant to local history for residents of the community including school children.
  • To assist the research of all who seek information on  Wayland history.
  • To disseminate information which will provide a fuller understanding of the traditions and the history of the Town of Wayland and its  neighboring communities.

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Officers (One-Year Term)
President ~ Molly Faulkner
Vice-President ~ Jack Russell
Treasurer ~ George Ives
Curator ~ Jane Sciacca
Museum Manager ~ Joanne Davis
Maintenance Manager ~ Roger Backman
Past President ~ Jane Sciacca

Directors (Three-Year Term)
Aida Gennis (2018)
Elisa Scola (2018)
Beth Butler (2019)
Brad Keyes (2019)
Alice Bolter (2020)
Kate Jenney (2020)

Trustees of Funds (One-Year Term)
Chair ~ John Beard
Bill Hicks
Lynn Trimby
Treasurer ~ George Ives

Program committee (FY 2018) 
Chair ~ Jane Sciacca
Beth Butler
Molly Faulkner
Tonya Largy
Lois Toombs
Alice Boelter

Meetings of the officers and directors
Meetings start at 2:00 pm (except May 23, 2018)
September 28, 2017 ~ at the Grout Heard House
October 12, 2017 ~  at the Grout Heard House
November 9, 2017 ~ at the Wayland Public Library
December 14, 2017 ~ at the Wayland Public Library
January 11, 2018 ~  at the Wayland Public Library
February 8, 2018 ~  at the Wayland Public Library
March 8, 2018 ~ at the Wayland Public Library
April 12, 2018 ~  at the Wayland Public Library
May 23, 2018 ~ at the Grout Heard House (evening meeting)

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