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Books, maps, and DVDs we recommend

Puritan Village: The Formation of a New England Town  $ 10.00
by Sumner Chilton Powell
Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for History; covers 17thcentury  Sudbury (includes present-day Wayland and Sudbury)
Available at Amazon.com


Wayland Historical Tours (1976); revised 2013WAYLAND HISTORICAL TOURS BOOK
Edited by Barbara Robinson (Paperback)
$ 10.00 Payable to the Wayland Historical Society
Click here for a free PDF version.



Wayland A-Z

Wayland A-Z (2004)
by Evelyn Wolfson, Dick Hoyt (Paperback)
$ 10.00 Payable to the Wayland Historical Society
Available at Amazon.com

THE book to own if you can have only one Wayland history – full of meticulously researched stories and details about the town of Wayland, MA

Legendary LocalsLegendary Locals of Wayland (2015)
by Evelyn Wolfson (Paperback)
$ 12.00 to the author
Available at Amazon.com

A multitude of photos accompanies text that covers Wayland’s historical visionaries who influenced both Wayland AND the country to the past and present “Townies” who have made Wayland so vibrant. Evelyn Wolfson has lived in Wayland for more than half a century and is the author of more than a dozen books.

Growing up in Wayland: Life in a Massachusetts town during the Depression Growing up in Wayland: Life in a Massachusetts town during the Depression (1997)
by George K Lewis (Paperback)
$ 10.00 Payable to the Wayland Historical Society
Available at Amazon.com

Beautifully written memoir of a very active and observant boy who grew up to be a professor of geography at Boston University and local historian.


Wayland 375 Cookbook (2014)
$ 5.00 Payable to Wayland Historical Society
This is Wayland 375th anniversary year’s celebratory recipe book, written by and 15.00 to town for town residents (including those from centuries past). Linking the 17th to 21st centuries with popular foods, drinks, and “this and that” (i.e. boiled hot soap or teething cookies), this book contains more than 250 recipes.

Map: 1881 Copy of James Sumner Draper’s 1776 Map of Wayland
$ 10.00 Payable to the Wayland Historical Society
Unframed 18 x 24” copy of map made by James Sumner Draper (1811-1896) of what he thought Wayland was like in 1775/6.  The original is owned by the Wayland Historical Society.  See how there was no Boston Post Road (Rt 20) west of First Parish Church nor did Commonwealth Avenue Rt 30) go west of the School Street intersection.

DVD: by Zander Cowen and Jacob Sussman’s
$ 15.00 to Pelham Island Pictures

Our most ambitious work, Five Miles Astride the River is a 20-minute film exploring the development of our hometown, Wayland, Massachusetts. Showcasing the village’s evolution over 375 years of history, the film explores three distinct eras of American life and illustrates how the town’s past has shaped its present.

Wayland: Images of America (2002)              
by George Lewis, Wayland Historical Society (Paperback)
Available at Amazon.com

More than 200 photographs, selected primarily from the extensive collection of the Wayland Historical Society, of farmers, factory workers, trolleys, and schools help to tell the unique and fascinating history of Wayland’s two separate neighborhoods, Wayland Center and Cochituate Village.


Lydia Maria Child: The Quest for Racial Justice (Oxford Portraits) (2002)
by Lori Kenschaft (Hardcover)
Available at Amazon.com

This dynamic nineteenth-century writer who, through her pen and at great personal cost to her literary career, spoke out for those silenced in society — slaves, Native Americans, women, and the poor—lived in Wayland for much of her life.


The Puritan Village Evolves: A History of Wayland MassachusettsThe Puritan Village Evolves: A History of Wayland Massachusetts First Edition Edition
by Helen F. Emery
Available at Amazon.com


Child’s Birthday

Lydia Maria Child’s 216th birthday party. A celebration of Lydia Maria Child’s life was enjoyed by many on Sunday afternoon. Born in Medford, Mass in 1802 Child was a progressive author who defied social norms for women as an abolitionist and activist for the rights...

Open House

Annual Open House Celebration Our annual open house celebrates the holiday season with music, treats, and general merriment! Many volunteers join in the decorating, serving and cleaning up. Thanks to all the volunteers and guests that joined us at the...

Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts 4th grade Wayland Girl Scouts, “Played the Past” at the Wayland Museum and Historical Society’s Grout Heard House November 17 where they learned about two 19th century Wayland women  -- Jerusha Grout Heard and Lydia Maria Child.  After being taught some...

Lydia Maria Child

Lydia Maria Child Wayland’s own Lydia Maria Child wrote the most famous poem in America about Thanksgiving- “Over the River and Through the Wood’ (originally titled “The New-England Boy’s Song About Thanksgiving Day”). Mrs. Child was a prominent 19th century author,...

New Board Members

Welcome to New Board Members Beth Butler and Jack Russell from Molly Faulkner      Jack Russell, of Russell’s Garden Center,  is the son of Sam and Polly Russell and nephew of Lew and Charlotte Russell.  Jack was the farm manager and a docent for the...

What do Ceramics Tell us About Wayland

What do Ceramics Tell us About Wayland’s Ancient Inhabitants? The lecture entitled, “What do Ceramics Tell us About Wayland’s Ancient Inhabitants?” was presented by John Pretola, on October 21, during Massachusetts Archaeology Month.  The program was...

Cochituate 1887

Cochituate and North Natick 1887 Click on image for a closer view From the Boston Public Library, Norman B. Leventhal Map Center Collection

Talking Trash!

TALKING TRASH! GETTING RID OF WAYLAND’S REFUSE A History of Burning, Burying, Recycling, Pig Farms, Composting, Single Stream Recycling, 1-800-JUNK – Molly Faulkner, president of the Wayland Historical Society and early member of Wayland Public Schools...

The Sudbury River Flows Slow

Professor Robert Thorson, author of “The Boatman”, entertained and educated a full house at the Grout Heard House Museum. Dams, lawyers, farmers, saw mills, Thoreau, and the civil war all share the stage in the drama of the meandering Sudbury River and its...


WHAT DO CERAMICS TELL US ABOUT WAYLAND’S ANCIENT INHABITANTS? Saturday, October 21 ~ 2:00 – 4:00 PM Wayland Town Building Large Hearing Room Massachusetts Archaeology Month Event, co-sponsored with the Wayland Historical Commission and presented by Dr. John Pretola....

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