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A History of Burning, Burying, Recycling, Pig Farms, Composting,
Single Stream Recycling, 1-800-JUNK –

Molly Faulkner, president of the Wayland Historical Society and early member of Wayland Public Schools Green Team, uses many photos to illustrate her talk about how Wayland residents disposed of their trash over the years.  Trash disposal became a nagging problem in the last century : remember rubber soles and medical waste exposed at the old Watertown Dairy?  From the days of family “burn barrels” to single-stream recycling, Wayland residents have figured out how to bury, burn, recycle, and compost our wastes – some becoming leaders in the trash industry.

Click here for a Word-based copy of Faulkner’s presentation
Click here for a PowerPoint copy of Faulkner’s presentation

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